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  • No refund if tour is cancel 6 days before the tour date
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Travel tips /Scams in India / Do or Don’t

india is a country of peace loving and law-abiding citizen.it is a safe destination for domestic and international tourist please check the international crime data you are in a safe country

1.Travel scams

Many private travel agencies make extra money by scamming travellers for tours and travel tickets. Make sure you are clear what is included in the price of any tour (get this in writing) to avoid charges for hidden ‘extras’ later on. Those listed on TA or very big agents never do scams

2. Transport scams

This is a common scam that you are likely to experience all over India, but most often around tourist destinations in major cities. In Delhi, Agra and jaipur travelers looking for the foreign tourist reservation office at the New Delhi railway station are often told that it's closed or has moved. They are then try and take you to their own place or to a tourist trap

3. Theft or Durgs

Theft or Durgs While traveling on Buses and trains ,or overcrowded places, the Risk of Theft is high to avoide this keep luggage securely locked (minipadlocks and chains are available at most train stations) and lock your bags to the metal baggage racks or the wire loops found under seats; padlocking your bags to the

Thieves tend to target popular tourist train routes, such as tourist routes delhi . agra jaipur . ; thieves often take advantage of the confusion and crowds hence b e extra alert just before the train departs; At Airports just on arrival be most alert. It is often seen that first time are not mentally in india, when landed it is better to Book your taxi through the hotel or travel agents .

Occasionally, tourists (especially those travelling solo) are drugged and robbed during train or bus journeys; a friendly stranger strikes up conversation, offers you a spiked drink (to send you to sleep), then makes off with everything you have. Politely decline drinks or food offered by strangers – stomach upsets are a convenient excuse.

5.Offering reduce taxi price or free taxi

Taxi drivers will often offer a reduced fare if visitors agree to stop off at a few expensive handicraft emporiums on the way, so that they can get commissions. No purchases are necessary, only looking. The catch is when the number of emporiums to be visited increases from “a few” to at least 5 or 6, so that the driver can maximize his commissions.

6 Don’t do too much re search -

Every one visiting India carrying a thick guide Books and reading all the time. Don’t you think it is an excessive amount of research ? A little research is a good thing, too much research can have the opposite effect. And we say don’t live and die by the guidebook. The writer experience is on particular day and particular place A destination described and already envisioned in your mind, you may not like it


Photogrphy of people and Animals in india is not a big issue untill unless you donot hear “NO” but be polite and donot be a barrier for them . When taking photos or certain people or animals (like cows that are dressed up or elephants on the street), someone nearby is expecting a tip. It isn’t a law or anything, they are just for tourist & waiting for the tourist to take picture & pay tip pay 10 Rupees if you don’t pay expect to be yelled at!

8 Talk to other travlers

Talk to more tourist not to touts streetboys People who are sharing experiences in foreign countries are often easy to befriend and get to know. Experienced travelers who have been in a place for longer may have good tips for places to visit.


Baggers following you for money or asked you to provide food to eat The beggars and kids have deals with the stores and will return the product when you leave. It’s a sad scam because you are trying to help and get ripped off. Eventually, you get jaded in India and you your heart stops hurting for people… that’s when I know I need a little escape from the chaos.